The Institute for Liberal Values is a consortium of organizations that have joined together under the following Mission Statement:

The Institute for Liberal Values (ILV) advances liberalism, equality of opportunity and justice in America and around the world.

We are a diverse coalition devoted to the free expression of ideas, critical thinking, and civic engagement.

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ILV Letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland

Member Spotlight

Third Factor is a magazine for and about uncommon people and their uncommon paths through life.  Our readers are incorrigibly independent thinkers; they are creative; and they are square pegs (or even heptagonal ones) looking to carve holes that fit them better than the standard issue round ones.  We publish essays, memoirs, and expert interviews that explore the challenges such people face and the choices we make in the face of them.

Our bedrock topics include what it means to live with intensity and go through positive disintegration, what it means to develop character, what it means to belong and to navigate the tension between autonomy and community, and how to build agency and courage to do what you’re on Earth to do.

Find out more about Third Factor and why they joined the Institute for Liberal Values.

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