The Institute for Liberal Values (ILV) is a group of individuals and partner organizations who have faced or are fighting illiberalism in a variety of forms (from the right, left, top, bottom and everywhere in between), and have since committed to a collaboration that provides the tools to build and strengthen liberal values, promoting democratic, diverse, and pluralistic societies across the world.


As a non-partisan and non-sectarian consortium focused on the promotion of individual freedom, rights, and liberty in everyday life, the Institute for Liberal Values (ILV) provides the skills and support required to build community where there has been division, encourage free expression where there has been censorship, and foster optimism where there is fear.


The Institute for Liberal Values (ILV) creates tools and resources that educate about liberal values. We are currently creating a library of Liberal Values Concept videos and an Argument Clinic. We also partner with organizations to provide additional resources, a larger public awareness of liberal values, and a synergy with similarly focused people and programs. Partner projects include a peer-to-peer network of support and refuge (Solid Ground); constructive non-ideological curricula (Coalition for Empowered Education); communication skills (Mutual Persuasion); well-being resources (EmpowerED Pathways); and promoting viewpoint diversity (Free Black Thought).

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