The Institute for Liberal Values (ILV) is a group of individuals and partner organizations who have faced or are fighting illiberalism in a variety of forms (from the right, left, top, bottom and everywhere in between), and have since committed to a collaboration that provides the tools to build and strengthen liberal values, promoting democratic, diverse, and pluralistic societies across the world.


As a non-partisan and non-sectarian consortium focused on the promotion of individual freedom, rights, and liberty in everyday life, the Institute for Liberal Values (ILV) provides the skills and support required to build community where there has been division, encourage free expression where there has been censorship, and foster optimism where there is fear.


The Institute for Liberal Values (ILV) creates tools and resources that educate about liberal values. In addition to our podcasts, essays, and toolkits you can access on the site, our offerings include:

A Liberal Concepts Glossary, and a monthly highlight of a particular concept providing relevant lessons on it via essays, podcasts, and references to it in practice today.

A monthly Liberal Values Lab, where professionals from their field discuss the application of liberalism (or lack thereof) in a specific context, opening the floor to a community conversation.

A monthly Liberalism in Practice panel discussion with ILV members and partners on the application of liberalism relative to a current event, with community Q&A and conversation.

Together with Free Black Thought, we have created the Black Institute for Liberal Values, to provide educational resources and curricula to promote “empowered education” in the place of “prescriptive” dogmatic approaches that center the BLM in Schools agenda.

We work closely with the Coalition for Empowered Education, building a multiethnic coalition of parents, educators and concerned citizens who oppose dogmatic, politicized agendas in K-12 education. Specifically, we support pluralistic ethnic studies that counters the spread of radical ideologies.

What’s new

In the Legacies of Black Pioneers series of the Dissidents Podcast, Winkfield Twyman Jr. and Jennifer Richmond speak with Professor Glen Loury on his newly released book, Late Admissions: Confessions of a Black Conservative.  

We discuss authenticity, individualism, enterprise, faith, whether the experience of race can be equated to the encubrance of a Soviet gulag, and if retiring from race is the path to a better future, or simply escapism.

Events Calendar

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The Third Space: A Nonconformist’s Guide To The Universe by ILV Director Zander Keig turns every reader into an expert locksmith by providing them with the ultimate master key that unlocks the doors they once thought were shut to them in their lives.” — Daryl Davis, Musician/Author/Race Reconciliator and Author of Klan-Destine Relationships – A Black Man’s Odyssey In The Ku Klux Klan and The Klan Whisperer.

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