Forthcoming Online Courses

ILV is designing two online, self-paced courses that will be available in late spring/summer

2023.  To be the first to find out when they are released, sign up for our newsletter.

Empowered Humanity Theory


The aim of this course is to equip participants with Empowered Humanity Theory (EHT), a framework for increasing personal empowerment and resilience and building trusting relationships between people. EHT is a theory that humans have the innate capacity to create a better world for themselves by developing three specific attitudes that center on values, dignity and compassion, and engaging in 3 Pathways of Practice that strengthen these attitudes.  EHT can be considered a DEI, antiracism, and social-emotional learning framework that is based on neuroscience, human psychology, and evolutionary biology with the aim of increasing psychological well-being and the interconnectedness between people rather than contemporary ideological approaches that too often create division.


Critical Thinking Course


ILV will produce an online critical thinking course using the Thinkific online education platform. The aim of the course is to equip participants with the cognitive tools to think critically about ideas, concepts, and claims, especially those which are controversial or challenging, and make up their own mind on these issues with confidence based on the inherent merits of the ideas or claims in question. It is also intended to help participants effectively to identify flawed arguments or attempts to disrupt critical thinking relating to or scrutiny of a particular idea or claim and effectively to circumvent these behaviors.

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