Diversity and Wellness

We are wired to heal, to right ourselves, to grow and transform.  This is not just a metaphor. 

It is what neuroplasticity is all about.

– Hilary Jacobs

Despite popular belief that present-day Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), antiracism, and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) efforts are an extension of the Civil Rights movement and promote individual liberty, a closer philosophical and historical analysis reveals the opposite. These efforts are actually cultural and educational tools for reorganizing society around new values, virtues, and philosophies, rather than structures for improving the human experience and condition. In fact, the root of these practices involves dissolving the idea of the individual, which only cultivates division and conflict among humans. A human and societal byproduct of  forsaking “the individual” for “the group” is strengthening the innate human capacity for prejudice. Therefore, the reorganization of society around the newly imposed values, virtues and philosophies is cultivating human division and mistrust.


We take a different path, rejecting the collectivist political approach that decreases well-being and trust. Instead, we work from a human-centered model and have developed a set of attitudes and practices aimed at increasing human potential and building relationships using neuroscience, human psychology, and evolutionary biology.  For example, the framework we promote, Empowered Humanity Theory, is designed to strengthen the neural circuitry associated with psychological well-being and decrease the draw of tribalism.  Contemporary DEI organizations, programs, and frameworks, on the other hand,  strengthen the human capacity for prejudice. 


Everything having to do with human training and education has to be reexamined in the light of neuroplasticity.

– Norman Doidge, MD

A brain and humanity-based approach to life, leadership, and learning recognizes the brain continues to grow and change throughout a lifetime. These changes are dependent on the environments, experiences, and relationships we encounter. Through awareness and intention, we can leverage K-12, higher education, and workplace experiences to cultivate the neural pathways of resilience, compassion, and understanding.


Empowered Humanity Theory is the only brain and humanity-based framework available to strengthen ourselves, schools, workplaces, and communities in our search to increase resilience and ability to work together in productive and meaningful ways.


Our in-person professional learning is tailored specifically to address any “DEI, SEL, antiracism checkbox” with meaningful and engaging learning while rejecting the divisiveness of modern practices. We aim to strengthen our greater humanity rather than undo the Classical Liberal Enlightenment era.

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