Ethnic Studies

A Multiethnic Coalition for Inclusive Ethnic Studies

The Institute for Liberal Values seeks to promote Inclusive Ethnic Studies and counter the spread of radical agendas in K-12 education across the country. 

In 2021, the California state legislature instituted a mandate that every California high school student take a class in Ethnic Studies to graduate. In an effort to meet this requirement, many districts are inculcating kids in “critical consciousness” i.e., the supposed ability to see hidden systems of oppression everywhere around them. Curricula extols radical Black “role models” and leaves out moderates like Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

An extreme group has been pushing the most radical versions of the curriculum to California’s 1,250+ school districts and now to other states and school districts. They are succeeding in numerous instances where the school boards and administration are on the market for DEI and anti-racism curricula and may be unaware of the radical approach.   

This ideologically charged and politically motivated brand of “Liberated” Ethnic Studies is laced with stereotypes and tropes that erase students’ individuality, flattening them into narrow group identities based on immutable characteristics. It steals agency from students, relegating them only and always into binary categories of either oppressed or oppressors. Such a curriculum is inimical, not supportive, of a pluralistic, democratic society.

While the Coalition will oppose radical versions of Ethnic Studies, we will support constructive and inclusive Ethnic Studies. We will support an Ethnic Studies that generates courageous curiosity, individual agency, and objectivity; that thoughtfully explores racism and bigotry in America’s past and present; and that celebrates and honors the accomplishments and contributions of diverse racial, ethnic and immigrant communities. 

The first phase of this effort will: 

  • Assemble the national Multi-ethnic Coalition and build local coalitions in key “hotspots”
  • Launch a PR/Media campaign aimed at exposing ideological agendas and politicized content and supporting constructive, inclusive versions of Ethnic Studies
  • Mobilize local communities in specific cities/districts across the country

We are trying to identify foundations and major donors who will help us scale up this effort – and fast. A generous donor has provided us with a one-to-one matching grant for major gifts. We can’t afford to grow slowly because the radical activists in the Liberated Ethnic Studies movement aren’t waiting for us to catch-up. Let us know if you have any ideas for potential funders.

We are also looking for volunteers who would build our Ethnic Studies database, tracking what’s happening with Ethnic Studies in states and communities. We are also looking for parent (and non-parent) activists who would like to be involved.

If you have any thoughts, recommendations, or referrals, please contact us and we will set up a call. 

For more reading, check out our California Ethnic Studies Report here.

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