The cultural memories of the coming wave of media professionals extend back a few years at most. Most have read thousands more tweets than book pages, and have majority favorable views of the CIA and the FBI:

Incarceration trends in the USA: 🧵

Incarceration is at its lowest level in 2 decades, with a 34% decline in black incarceration leading the decline.

2006: 2,261 black prisoners per 100K black people
2018: 1,501 black prisoners per 100K black people

If you want to address authoritarian trans activism (and I think you should), please do so in a principled and reasoned way by addressing the authoritarianism. Being insulting about the attractiveness of trans women activists doesn’t help with this endeavour & demeans us all.

Piece in the Times!

In which @DrDebraSoh speaks to @dissidentdelite about @Counter_Weight_ , Woke Therapy, and more.

"The ultimate telos [of Critical Theory] is to destroy individual autonomy. What we have to do to get there is destroy man's connection to God, to family, to the past, to anything associated with truth, beauty, & goodness."
@JasonTheeHuman of @empowerED_TX with @BenjaminABoyce

JasonLittlefield @JasonTheeHuman

Thank you ⁦@BenjaminABoyce⁩ for a serious, fun, deep, light-hearted, dark and optimistic conversation.

If CSJ ideology has negatively impacted your emotional or mental health, you are not alone. At Counterweight, we run support groups for anyone who has been adversely impacted by the culture wars. Click the link below to find out more:

"Unfortunately, this essay needs to be written because so many people seem to be fatally confused about the concept of academic freedom, freedom of belief and speech more broadly..." - @HPluckrose, @Docstockk

In her latest essay, @HPluckrose outlines the difference between the free expression of ideas and harassment and intimidation in light of the recent treatment of @Docstockk by student activists.

Great piece by @HPluckrose urging society to look at the Kathleen Stock persecution & grasp “the difference between”:
- distress & physical harm
- making arguments & targeting individuals for harassment
- criticism of ideas & punishment for them

A recent interview w/ our founder. Give it a listen to find out more about Empowered Humanity Theory
Countering Critical Theory's Nihilism | with Jason Littlefield via @YouTube

By me,

It really shouldn’t be so difficult to understand this concept. I offer three key distinctions for people struggling with it.

Superman is an archetype, he is but the representation of the best we humans can aspire to. Newtown believes in the power of symbolism and will preserve those that served us well and encourage the creation of new ones, instead of bastardizing and corrupting the ones we have now.

"Racial & ethnic identity are self-reinforcing castes. Any hope invested in them demands 'authority' & 'authenticity.' Power will be accorded to those who can fake it. That makes authority & authenticity untrustworthy."

The latest from FBT's @mdcbowen

Want to find out more about CSJ ideology? The resources listed here have been recommended by members of the Counterweight community and represent a diverse range of views:

In Omni-Americans, Albert Murray wrote against “the folklore of white supremacy and the fakelore of black pathology.”

He inspires


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We noticed ⁦@caselorg⁩ shift the definition of #SEL to reflect the philosophy & practices of the Successor Ideology. This shift is negatively impacting well-being and should be openly discussed by professionals in the SEL field.

Want to read a little more on @Native_Liberty_ & the Nirvana Fallacy and see what we are each reading? Visit this week's @hold_mydrink + @Counter_Weight_ pod blog w/ @truth_inbetween.

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