Cornell removes Gettysburg Address, bust of Lincoln, after "a complaint."

How can a nation that has come to hate even the redemptive episodes in its history then expect to stir itself to redemptive action? What moral vision of our future does this serve?

"The viewpoint of the curriculum decolonisers is based on the assumption that black students resonate most with poetry written by black poets. Why should a poem be taught if it can speak to students only on the basis of their being black? This is not inclusion; it is division."🧵


—10% of marriages are between an R & a D
—38% of Rs & Ds would be upset if a child married inter-party
—41% of Ds, 50% of Rs ok w/ inter-party marriage


—17% of new marriages interracial
—6% disapprove of interracial marriage 
—94% approve of interracial marriage
"Left-wing dogma, like right-wing dogma and extreme Muslim dogma, just generates more radical forms of dogma. The more the Jewish community embraces it, the more we become complicit in the very ideology that harms us."
""When the wokey end of the progressive spectrum talks about abortion now, they shy away from that word 'women' and preferred terms like ‘birthing people’ or ‘people who menstruate.’""
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Wrapped up 2 amazing days of working with the #SEL leadership team of Dorchester County Public Schools. We are grateful to share Empowered Humanity Theory as a framework that strengthens our humanity and increases the well-being of all and trusting relationships.
""When my wife and I listed our house for sale earlier this year, we learned that you’re not supposed to use the word “master” anymore, leaving us with no way to describe our home’s main bedroom.""
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"Disney is not meant to be a participant in the culture wars; it is meant to be a refuge from them."
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Beige? How nonsensical is that!? @SheenaMasonPhD and @Laytonicles discuss @Racelessness, culture, and how humans culturally identify.
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"Trying to fuse his social democratic policy agenda with relentless appeals to Team Blue in the culture wars won’t give us the kind of movement that could actually win over a majority of Americans."
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🧵1/3 Here's a fine offering of music from free-thinking artists. First is a stunning blend of metal, rap, and electronica from @Goldpnyy and his project @Whitecrimemusic

CACAGNY and other supporters of Thomas Jefferson High School of Science & Technology file amicus brief at US Court of Appeals against Fairfax School Board in Virginia, to oppose new anti-merit racially discriminatory admissions. Link to brief:

A conversation with our team discussion #SEL from a human dignity perspective and the collectivist philosophical approach

Same parts of our cultural institutions are now completely unredeemable. With Newtown, merit is of the utmost importance as it guarantees us culture that will be as challenging as it is gratifying. Join us and let's offer art to the millions of consumers waiting for it.

Big Sibling is watching you 😠 @martha_shade

All of the art institutions in Seattle, including @SeattleArts
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