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See FBT's @Rhetors_of_York, along with @RealDarylDavis, and @fairforall_org's @bartning, @HBlakeslee, Laureen Boll, and Brian Kors.

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"'Identity politics' polarizes discourse from the campaign trail to the classroom & amplifies antagonisms. But the phrase bears little resemblance to the concept as introduced by Black feminist Combahee River Collective."

"This one not about gender or systemic racism or climate change, but the debate over whether it is acceptable that innocent Jews are being murdered in Israel."
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This is the story Reuters didn’t want to tell."
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How do we move forward?
breaks down how we stop racializing ourselves. This is an emotional journey, let's make real change and spread kindness and love! Division is profitable! Let's heal!
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In this week's @hold_mydrink + @Counter_Weight_ pod, @roifield and I take a nuanced view of the US (and a peek at the UK too) exploring ideas like individuality & community and where they intersect.
w/ @truth_inbetween

CACAGNY invites members and friends to support campaign to lift the NYC charter cap. CACAGNY has been an outspoken supporter of high-performing charter schools for families who care about rigorous education but haven’t yet fled New York City public schools.

There's a lot of information out there. The question is, what to do with it? How to make sense of it? What values do we apply to it? What does any of it truly mean?

These are not easy questions.

And we don't have the answers here. But we like asking the questions.
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"To remain in the good graces of the global left, I needed to hand over a pound of flesh: to renounce my Zionism."

Chaos is a necessary stage, says @RalphRickenbach, in forming community. But to get through it to the other side, you need something else.

When high school teach your children about using art simply for activism. If you are or know of a concerned parent know that with Newtown merit is one of our founding principle, and grants you easy access to heterodox material for yourself and your children. Thanks @pauldrossi

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