As for @uarizona's faculty blacklist, @TheFIREorg sees a violation of academic freedom. "Such a rigged process raises serious questions about U of A’s commitment to truly shared governance and academic freedom." Do we have a statement from @UArizonaPres?

Profoundly interconnected

Profoundly interconnected
Happy Dog @Happydog___

This mother lost all her babies when they were hit by a car. These kittens who lost their mom in the same way have found a new mom!!! The dog immediately went to them, nursed them and kissed them...🤍🤍

Can you find someone, or something, to give you a good, invigorating laugh this weekend?

Note: This can be true even if you're having an awful time. Kahlo followed this quote up with, "Tragedy is the most ridiculous thing."

Roland Fryer and Rafael Mangual "take a close look at what is and is not working in policing and law enforcement, in some cases citing statistics and research they have personally conducted," and "explain why the defund movement is not popular among them."

In this week’s podcast, our hosts Elizabeth Spievak and Mike Burke discuss shame and its impact on social life. Watch it here:

We're thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of TF contributor & voice coach Laura Stavinoha's book!

Join us October 9 for conversation with the author. You'll have a chance to share your experiences and get Laura's expert guidance on harnessing the power of your voice.

"Anyone can stand up for what they believe in and stand up for what's right. . . You don't need to be the most articulate, you don't need to be president of the debate team or the most confident. . . it's important to push through."--Sahar Tartak, student.

"From my perspective on a typical American street, however, a quick and negative summary of the effects of BLM comes immediately to mind: Black Lives Matter got a lot of black people killed." From the incomparable @wil_da_beast630

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A requiem for Black Lives Matter

BLM was meant to help black people — it’s done the opposite.

Identity is something undefinable, something we must carve out and discover as individuals. The binary of black and white should not divide us, it only will if we let it.

Watch this clip of @SheenaMasonPhD and @Laytonicles to here their thoughts.

Knowledge, good will, and fearless speech: these are the three things Socrates said were necessary for pursuit of truth.

We're inviting those who have some claim to the first two to figure out what might be holding them back - and what to do about it.

More faculty, students, & staff "are working everywhere to change campus culture for the better and to renew higher education’s commitment to the rigorous pursuit of knowledge and truth. This Guide is a compilation of their best strategies and approaches."

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Reclaiming the Culture of Higher Ed

A Best Practices Guide for Advancing Open Inquiry, Viewpoint Diversity, and Constructive Disagreement on Campus.

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