OUR Mission Statement

The Institute for Liberal Values is a consortium of organizations that have joined together under the following Mission Statement:

The Institute for Liberal Values (ILV) advances liberalism, equality of opportunity and justice in America and around the world. We are a diverse coalition devoted to the free expression of ideas, critical thinking, and civic engagement.


The members of the Institute for Liberal Values adhere to the Joint Statement on Liberalism:

The Institute for Liberal Values (ILV) advocates for civil liberties under the rule of law that exemplify Enlightenment values, including freedom of speech, equality of opportunity, justice, liberty, progress, tolerance, and viewpoint diversity, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We believe that the best way to realize these values is through open-minded dialogue, debate, civility, and civic engagement.


The members of the Institute for Liberal Values, adhere to the ILV Approach:

To promote the Enlightenment values of liberalism and equality of opportunity and justice, and to uphold the free expression of ideas and constructive civic engagement, we adhere to the ILV Approach. Members are encouraged to embody these principles in their work, and ILV will adhere to these values in its outward facing role to advance the work of its members.

Enter dialogue in good faith.

In an era of polarization, we too often assume the “other” as evil and fail to engage. Assuming good faith is the first step to encouraging civil dialogue and discussion, even across disagreement.

Approach different viewpoints with curiosity and humility.

Often the simplest way to start a conversation with someone who is different is to ask questions. We remain open to alternative viewpoints and approach our differences with curiosity and humility.

Accept that reasonable minds may differ.

We commit to the conviction that reasonable minds may differ on any number of perspectives, opinions, and conclusions. We accept that different viewpoints aren’t an attack on individual character, but necessary for a democratic society to thrive.

We judge people based on character rather than convictions.

We commit to good faith dialogue with people of various beliefs, convictions and ideologies based on their individual character. We welcome all constructive viewpoints, and believe no ideas are immune from scrutiny and debate.

We promote tolerance instead of division.

We recognize that not everyone with whom we engage will share the values of open debate, but where possible we promote tolerance and good faith discussion, dialogue and debate over polarization, partisanship, and division.