Jason Littlefield

Jason Littlefield

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Jason Littlefield, a father and educator supports liberalism based values for these are the values that honor the worthiness of all people and their God given right to pursue their lives how they see fit. He has worked with students, families and education professionals ages 3-65 for 30 years.  In addition to working across Texas, he has also worked with families in Taiwan, China and Benin, Africa. These experiences with people from all backgrounds and differing cultures shape his passion for increasing human well-being and freedoms. Jason is the architect of Empowered Humanity Theory: A Framework For Building An Empowered and Dignified Life, the Executive Director for Empowered Pathways and a Cofounder of Free Black Thought.

What is liberalism to you?

Liberalism is the baseline philosophy that puts “the individual” at the moral and political center of society. The idea that humans best thrive when they pursue their lives in ways that are meaningful to them and without government infringing on that inalienable right.

Who are you?

I am a man of faith, proud father and lover of all people. Being a single-parent raised, latch key Gen X’er, I learned the value of freedom from an early age. The only thing that held my attention in school was History. I then went on to get a BA in History and taught high school American History for more than ten years. I’ve also served as a campus administrator and district level specialist.

What do you do?

Currently I am the American History teacher at a rural high school, an adjunct professor supervising clinical teachers and the Executive Director of Empowered Pathways. Through Empowered Pathways.

I facilitate workshops and provide coaching and consultations around Empowered Humanity Theory. I also host and produce the Reformation Radio Podcast.

Favorite things?

Favorite book: On The Road by Jack Kerouac

Favorite animal: My Millie Grace! She’s a Border Collie/Aussie mix

Favorite color: all of them

Favorite song: so many! Most songs by Johnny Cash, The Grateful Dead, My Morning Jacket, Bon Iver, and Phish 

Favorite food: 3 way tie! Pizza, Thai and Indian

Favorite place to visit: These days, I like to close my eyes and travel to 1997

ILV Selected Publications

Social Emotional Learning: Empowerment or Ideology Journal of Free Black Thought 2022

Toward An Empowered Humanity, Third Factor Magazine 2022

Rethinking Our Relationship With God And The Teachings of Christ Medium 2021


*Fall 2023 Forthcoming book/workbook Empowered Humanity Theory: A Framework For Building An Empowered And Dignified Life  

*You can find more from Jason  at Empowered Pathways

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