Resources for Businesses

Are you a business leader under pressure from those with illiberal beliefs? Check out these resources.  They may be helpful.

How not to Lose Your Organization's Soul


I remember watching the 1981 film Skokie on television with my parents. I was 14, and they let me stay up late that night to see the entire film. The movie…

When Diversity Eats Diversity


During my lunch hour, when I worked in downtown Boston a decade ago, I would see herds of white dudes walking the streets in formation, all wearing the same Brooks…

How Critical Social Justice can Corrupt Organizational Culture: the Dance of the Blind Reflex


The imposition of Critical Social Justice (CSJ) is often an unrecognized liability to company culture. When I started my post as the CEO of a nonprofit, I almost immediately heard….

Where's your Chicago Letter?


You may have heard that each year the Dean of Students at the University of Chicago sends a letter to incoming college freshmen that lays out the school’s commitment to…

Diversity Training vs. Diversity Education


I recently co-hosted a podcast with my friend Jennifer Richmond, in which we interviewed Professor Amna Khalid, an Associate Professor of History at Carleton College. Amna has written extensively about…

Six Ways to Prevent your Company Being Overrun by Critical Social Justice


We at Counterweight work with individuals and organizations facing cancellation and coercion. Here are a few lessons we’ve learned: Don’t give in to the mob If you, an employee or…

The Ethical Alcatraz of Diversity and Harassment Training


If you’ve been following the culture wars in the US, you’ve no doubt heard about the resignation of Don McNeil, the highly respected science reporter from the New York Times….

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