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Do you believe your employer is failing to adhere to liberal values? Here you can find example letters, editable presentations, and reading guides.

Example letters

These example letters were first created by Counterweight, and are now being stewarded by the Institute for Liberal Values.

Mandatory Reading Lists Letter

Dear (Employer Name)

I noted with interest your comments on Diversity in your recent monthly message, and your invitation to submit views. It is clearly an important subject and one that’s receiving an increasing amount of attention, so I’m glad you’re seeking input on what it should mean for us as an organisation …

Mandatory Unconscious Bias Training Letter

Dear <Name>,

I’m writing to you about the mandatory unconscious bias training we’ve been asked to complete. I am of course committed to equality of opportunity and fairness in the workplace. I firmly reject bigotry of all kinds and welcome the company taking steps to reduce bias in our recruiting practices by allowing anonymous applications. This is an effective, practical approach to combating bias in recruitment, and acts on the evidence of many well verified studies. …

Anti-Racism, Equity, White Supremacy, and Systemic Racism Letter

Dear President,

I have received several emails in the past few weeks about Division of Inclusion Excellence’s (DEI) recent events such as “Dismantling the Effects of Systemic Racism by Creating Inclusive Spaces for Recovery” and “Actors, Allies, and Accomplices & Disruption”. Of particular note, I received an email from the Faculty Senate regarding two memo initiatives that are hoped to be passed regarding anti-racism, equity, white supremacy, and systemic racism. …

Mandatory Pronoun Declaration Letter

Dear [Employer],

I am writing to you with a concern regarding a shift in policy here at @businessname@.

I have recently been informed that there has been a change in company policy[1] which would require all employees to include preferred pronouns whenever they identify themselves. I understand that this change would require employees to list preferred pronouns in email signatures, business cards and to mention them when first being introduced to their colleagues. …

Editable presentations

These presentations were first created by Counterweight, and are now being stewarded by the Institute for Liberal Values.

Creating a Compassionate Culture

Unconscious Bias Training

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