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Carrying on the crucial mission of Counterweight, the Institute for Liberal Values offers resources to learn about Critical Social Justice, as well as courses on liberalism and critical thinking, an argument clinic, and a podcast.

Critical Social Justice Toolbox

Explore our toolbox of resources created by Counterweight Support, related to Critical Social Justice and the problems it can cause.  Resources are available for employees and businesses, and there are video guides, essays, example letters, and reading guides.


ILV works with our fellows and partners to offer courses to the public. Current offerings include courses on epistemic liberalism, critical thinking, and empowered humanity.


ILV offers a number of essays, at varying levels of depth, to discuss liberal concepts and challenges to them.

Liberal Concepts Toolbox

Language matters. Use our glossary and videos to understand how we use terms related to liberalism, and find some deep dives into the concepts we work with.


The popular Counterweight Podcast, now The Dissidents, is hosted by ILV fellows Elizabeth Spievak and Mike Burke. If you’re interested in the interplay between liberalism and critical theory in our culture, subscribe and give it a listen.

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