The Black Institute for Liberal Values (BILV) is a joint endeavor between the Institute for Liberal Values and Free Black Thought.

Let us be clear… liberal values do not adhere to color, ethnicity, religion, or any other identity markers. In fact, liberal values, when applied universally, are the bedrock of social justice. So, you may ask, why then start a black institute? Are we a cog in the machine that is hell-bent on division? Trust me, we have asked ourselves the same thing. We have concluded that to fight dogmatic ideology, namely BLM in Schools curricula, we must reframe black history. While committing ourselves to the truths of our checkered history, we also empower black stories, underlining the pioneers who made their mark while simultaneously facing unthinkable challenges. With this mission in mind, we encourage students and teachers to bring to life a full history of the black American experience; one that empowers generations to come, instead of maintaining a status quo of division and bigotry, which we find in many ideologically driven educational pedagogies that center BLM agendas.


Starting in February 2024, BILV has curated resources on our Circle page, where we can engage the community directly. Every week we offer a “this week in black history” lesson, highlighting black pioneers, acts of courage and events important to creating a more diverse, equal and just society.

Visit our “Remember Us” page where we are constantly adding new stories of the resilience, enterprise, and fortitude of unsung black leaders. If your focus on black history is only and always the stories of oppression and victimization, we encourage you to read the stories of those like George Boyer Vashon, the first black lawyer in New York, for inspiration.

Need resources for a course or section on black history? We have included our own 21-Day Racial Reading Guide, have a Supplemental to the 1619 Project that we can share with schools and educators, and are actively working on a few live courses that will roll out later in 2024.
Join us on Circle and share your thoughts and stories as we continue to build a repository of educational resources that celebrates black history, centering it as an important and necessary part of our shared American history.


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