We offer (face-to-face and virtual) professional learning workshops for educators as well as community and corporate organizations. Our content is designed to cultivate individual and societal well-being. All workshops are tailored to meet specific needs and requests and are based on our two flagship workshops (described below).

Flagship 1-Day Empowered Humanity Theory: A Framework for Life, Leadership, and Learning


This 1-day introduction to Empowered Humanity Theory is applicable to all K-12, business, and community organizations seeking meaningful ways to increase personal well-being, and trustworthy relationships, and build a positive climate and culture. 


Participants will:

  • Understand emotional contagion as a basis for building a positive working and learning environment and culture. 
  • Investigate the current barriers to our well-being, abilities to cooperate, and maintain a positive climate and culture.  
  • Engage in and apply Empowered Humanity Theory as a framework for strengthening well-being, relationships, and climate/culture. 
  • Engage with the PATH intention setting framework, a value setting exercise, interactive and meaningful learning activities 
  • Have time to examine an organizational situation/circumstance through an Empowered Humanity Theory lens as well as planning time to embed EHT into systems and structures in authentic and meaningful ways.


2-day Empowered Humanity Theory: A Lever for Well-Being and Societal Cooperation


The intensifying chaos, division, and revolutionary violence we notice is the behavioral/psychological response to the current cultural zeitgeist.  Human beings are not thriving with these frameworks and narratives.  Therefore, we must examine with brutal honesty the ideas and practices society is engaging with. As Leaders in complex, challenging times that stretch all of us to operate at the edge of our capacity and competency, we must also ask; “What can be done to strengthen the best of our innate and common humanity?” and work towards those solutions.




This 2-day workshop addresses and explains the current philosophical divide and clashing worldviews in a mindful way. We’ll also discuss the impact it’s having on all personal well-being and our abilities to collaborate in effective ways. Once we’ve identified the source of societal chaos and human division, we’ll explore the Empowered Humanity Theory framework for life, leadership, and learning as a pragmatic guide to cultivating humanity’s most positive traits and motivations. The workshop is interactive, and participants are invited to engage in self-reflection, peer discussions, mindfulness practices, community circles, and collaborative learning. 



  • Participants will understand and be able to speak to what is causing chaos and division and reducing our ability to act in positive, healthy ways.
  • Participants will learn the psychological basis for prejudice, aggression, and cruelty, and strategies to mitigate these capacities.
  • Participants will engage with Empowered Humanity Theory to cultivate the most positive traits of humanity while mitigating the malevolent.
  • Participants will leave with a personal plan to begin implementing Empowered Humanity Theory into their daily lives.
  • Expand their network of Humanity focused professionals.


Empowered Humanity Theory Online Course


This 6 – 8 hour online and self-paced course, coming this summer, was designed with you in mind. Online learning tends to be impersonal, stale, and not meaningful or applicable to the learner. This course avoids those pitfalls by presenting content using presentation and conversational methods. The activities are all geared toward equipping you with the skills, attitudes, and practices to build empowerment. There’s even an opportunity to tap into your creative medium. 


For educator and corporate training, we suggest this online course as the first introduction to Empowered Humanity Theory prior to one of our in-person workshops.


Using Erec Smith’s work on Empowerment Theory as the foundation for building an Empowered Humanity, we will walk you through some of the techniques and practices of empowerment, so the learning is experiential and interactive. In the final module, you’ll customize a yearly plan to integrate the attitudes and practices of Empowered Humanity Theory into your daily habits and routines.



  • Gain an overall understanding of the factors contributing to the -increasing cultural and human divide.
  • Develop a personalized strategic plan to begin building an empowered and dignified community.
  • Gain key strategies to help manage challenging moments and difficult periods. 
  • Learn a process for working towards set goals.
  • Gain the awareness and skills that increase the neural circuity of psychological well-being and decrease the human capacity for prejudice. 
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